Care to Tango?

One thing that I noticed with LibreOffice running under Mate in Linux Mint 15 (Olivia) is that the menu icons were strangely non-intutive. Then it hit me. Not only were they different from those I was used to, they were almost all black and white. Now, with most programs these days providing multiple themes or skins or whatever, I figured that LibreOffice must have a colourful set of icons up its sleeve – somewhere.

My first attempt at locating a different set of icons wasn’t too successful. Navigating to Tools – Options – LibreOffice – View provided a drop-down menu for “Icon size and style”; however the only choice was Human. Since this was the set of icons already in use, I wasn’t a whole lot further ahead.

Now, it may be my searching skills on Google, but I found it rather difficult to locate (a) other sets of icons for use with LibreOffice, and (b) instructions on how to install them. However, the process turns out to be simplicity itself – once you know what to look for!

lo_iconsCare to libreoffice-style-tango?

2CV67oo” in the OpenOffice forum had the answer – look for “libreoffice-style” in Synaptic Package Manager. I installed libreoffice-style-tango and was instantly rewarded by a more normal set of pretty-coloured icons on my LibreOffice menu bars.


[Solved] LibO Toolbar Icon choice?

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2 Responses to Care to Tango?

  1. Danno says:

    You rock! I, too, was wondering why LibreOffice only offered the “Human” icon set (bland…blah!) within Linux Mint 15, even after I pulled in a later version ( Still getting used to the Software Manager / Synaptic Package methods of searching for software / options to ease my transition from MS Windows….I’m sure it will become second-nature in no time.

  2. Jonathan Webb says:

    Thanks for that. My situation matched yours exactly. those grey icons are so unintuitive.

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