Fox around the globe icon

One of the “problems” with Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu is that Mate uses different icons for some of the applications. The primary offenders in this are the icons that are displayed when shortcuts are added to (in my case) the top panel. Instead of the circular “fox around the globe” and “thunderbird around the envelope” icons, Mate uses its own – rather square – versions. Other than their being primarily orange and blue respectively, I can’t readily relate these icons to the browser and mail client. So, while not wishing to go quite so far as user11583 on the Unix & Linux Stack Exchange forum who indicated “I renamed the file to firefox-ugly-icon.png”, I did want to replace the icons for Firefox and Thunderbird with the more familiar – and to my mind more pertinent – images for these two programs.

Initially, I thought it would be a simply a matter of locating the file for each icon, renaming it (for example to firefox_mint_original.png), and replacing it with firefox.png borrowed from an Ubuntu installation. It’s easy enough to track down each icon. For example, right-clicking on the Firefox icon in the top panel, allows Properties to be selected. Left-click on the icon that is displayed in the resulting dialogue box and it becomes clear that the image file used is /usr/share/icons/Mint-X/apps/48/firefox.png. However, interestingly, the technique of simply replacing this file did not have the desired effect. Mate uses some form of symbolic linking that defeats my simple-minded strategy and still displays the default, square icon.

My next attempt was more successful. I copied the Ubuntu versions of the icons to /usr/share/icons and then, using “Choose an icon” in the above-noted dialogue box, simply pointed the icon for Firefox to /usr/share/icons/firefox_ubuntu.png.

So, using this method, I now have the familiar icons for both Firefox and Thunderbird displayed in the shortcuts on the top panel and – once again – all is right with the world.


How to change Firefox icon shown on panel and menus?

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