Radeon HD6450 reconnected

Astute readers of the previous post will have noticed the ominous phrase: …a “more-or-less” stable system… While the display was finally working, there was still a problem. Following a cold boot, a series of short black lines was dancing across the top portion of the screen. Another user had noted this problem and his workaround was to log off the system and then immediately log back on again. Amazingly, this worked for me also. However, I didn’t consider his to be a viable solution and needed a more permanent fix.

I tried the experimental beta video driver, and the previous stable driver, but neither of these offerings made any difference. Interestingly, I also tried Linux Mint 13 (Maya), which is essentially a spin-off from Precise. Mint installed without incident, but then rebooted into the infamous “split screen” mode. However, rebooting into recovery mode, and resuming the boot process, brought the display up with a graphical interface, albeit in low-resolution. A subsequent installation (Control Centre – Restricted Drivers) of the ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver resulted in a system that booted correctly – with full native screen resolution – and no dancing black lines!

I was just at the point of saying goodbye to Ubuntu on yet another Linux box (see: Aspiring to a new distro), when I had a thought about the video cable connection. Having used the monitor from an old system on my newer desktop, I had left the VGA cable in place and simply hooked this into the VGA port on the new desktop. But the new machine’s video card also supports DVI. Curious if this might make a difference, I hooked up a DVI cable in place of the VGA connection.

Eureka! No dancing black lines with the Ubuntu 12.04 installation. Perhaps my problems with the Radeon HD6450 are finally solved.


black lines in top of the screen

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