Missing buttons in Thunderbird

Following a recent set of updates, the Previous and Next buttons on each mail message window disappeared. Thinking that these were custom items that I had installed, I went looking for them, using Right-click – Customize, only to find that the only options available were Separator, Space, and Tag. So, what happened to those pesky Previous and Next buttons?

After a series of web searches, I finally recalled that, in the current version of Thunderbird, it isn’t necessary to use custom forward and next buttons since the default buttons work as expected and scroll through the entire message list, i.e. both read and unread messages.

The problem with the missing buttons was that, somehow, the Mail Toolbar had been turned off in the message window. The fix was simply to open a message, navigate to View – Toolbars, and activate Mail Toolbar.

Now, everything is back to normal.


Two steps forward, one step back

Previous and Next Buttons

Next message…

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