Newly-minted mount points

A surprising “feature” of Linux Mint 14 (and perhaps some recent versions of Ubuntu) is the fact that disk mounting points now appear as /media/{username}/{drivename} rather than simply /media/{drivename}. This change may mean rewriting some script files to take account of the new mount point format, but it also seems to break some software. In particular, I encountered problems establishing files and folders to use with both LibreOffice and FreeFileSync.

In my case, my data partition, that used to be located at /media/DataDisk is now listed as /media/toaster/DataDisk (toaster being my userid). I tried to change the default path for files in LibreOffice, browsing to the new mount point, and selecting this as the default. However, the program failed to retain the new selection. A couple of postings in Ask LibreOffice provide the solution which is to navigate to navigate to Tools – Options – General – Open/Save dialogs, check “Use Libreoffice dialogs”, and then set the default path.

A similar thing occurred when I tried to use FreeFileSync to backup my data partition to a USB memory stick. The drop-down menu that is used to browse for a specific file folder let me drill down to /media/toaster/DataDisk but, once the folder was selected, this was truncated to /media/DataDisk.  The “fix” for this issue is to simply type the mount point into the box rather than browsing through the file system.


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