Aspiring to a new distro

My Acer Aspire One 522 netbook has had problems with Ubuntu, notably difficulties with accessing the wireless card, and problems running a real-time backup system using inosync and an SDcard.

I previously dealt with the wireless problem by disabling the Ethernet adapter. This eliminated the possibility of using a wired connection but, for me, wireless-only Internet access was an acceptable “solution”. The work-around for the SDcard issue was even more drastic – stop using inosync altogether – and lose the real-time backup of my data partition under Linux. Now, given that I routinely use FreeFileSync to create a backup of this partition to a USB memory stick, this too was not a show-stopper.

However, a recent, huge set of updates (234 patches, 335.9 MB) to Ubuntu 12.04 on the netbook appears to have resulted in yet another failure of the wireless connection. The current difficulty is that the previous “fix” doesn’t seem to fix the problem, and I haven’t found any other solution. A recent Ubuntu Community Documentation posting indicates that: “…the brcmsmac open source driver handles the BCM4313 wireless card and does a decent job” but, even though this is my card, and the brcmsmac driver was installed, the wireless connection still wasn’t being enabled.

So, rather than spend the rest of my life trying to make Ubuntu – and its frequent updates – work on the Aspire, I decided it was high time to try another distro.

I opted for Linux Mint 14 (“Nadia”) for two reasons. Firstly, my good friend Peter has been using Mint for some time and has recommended this distro to me on a number of occasions. Secondly, Mint is based on Debian – as is Ubuntu – so my thought is that, under-the-hood, Mint may be somewhat similar to Ubuntu and some of the “tricks” that I already know may still apply.

Downloading and installing Linux Mint went flawlessly, and my wireless Internet access was initiated correctly as soon as I provided secure access credentials to my router. So far, so good. Now we will see if the wireless connection is maintained – and if I can figure out how to drive Mint’s Cinnamon user interface.




The disk drive for /media/SDbackup is not ready yet or not present

Linux Mint

File and folder synchronization

FreeFileSync idiosyncrasies

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