Software Center Hanging

Recently (and I don’t recall if this was different earlier), any attempt to open the Ubuntu Software Center in Version 12.04 has resulted in the program hanging. The program window opens, then goes dark, and no amount of waiting seems to produce anything useful. Running the program from Terminal using the command software-center produces the same result but also provides some some information on progress, and a warning message to the effect that there is: “No usefulness from server, no username in config file”.

Now, while this message itself has no direct “usefulness” for me, searching for the warning message in Google provides a somewhat cryptic solution. The user Hack to Hell on the Ask Ubuntu forum, with a credit to jokerdino, suggests running the command:

cd ~/.cache; rm -r software-center

Clearly, this removes the directory (the -r switch) from the (hidden) cache. Why this works is not specified but, on my system, it did indeed work, as opposed to the various suggestions to remove and reinstall the software centre, all of which proved ineffective. So, thanks Hack to Hell and jokerdino, you have my USC working again.


Software Center empty “No usefulness from server” “no username in config file”

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