Lumiread – PDF Reader App for Android

All I wanted for my A100 tablet was a PDF reader that would let me size the page and swipe left and right to scroll through the document. PDF To Go would let me resize the page but then, it only scrolled vertically, and the resized pages “wobbled” as I moved through the document. Lumiread seemed to lock the screen once it was pinch-zoomed and wouldn’t allow scrolling until the page was unlocked. (Memo to self – The documentation for Android apps is usually rather poor, so check all the buttons before giving up!) So, I started to look for an alternative – a free alternative that is.

qPDF Viewer was recommended by several sources. The left-right “swiping” is actually achieved by pressing on-screen arrows at the bottom of the page. While the help file indicated that these could be resized, I think this feature is only available in the “pro” version. In the free version, the buttons proved to be too small, and too close to the controls along the bottom of the display. I was forever inadvertently popping up some window or other rather than moving to a new page of my document.

Adobe Reader’s swiping was once again only up and down through the file so that was a brief trial. Foobnix had mid-screen buttons that worked very well, but the ad plastered across the screen, while relatively narrow, was an added “feature” that I couldn’t live with.

Getting tired of installing and quickly uninstalling “duds”, I went back to my earlier favourite – Lumiread – and looked once again at the “lock” button at the top of the display. Having resized the page to more-or-less fill the screen, I tried pressing the lock button. Eureka! It locks the page display at the current zoom level such that swiping left or right changes the page while maintaining the desired page display format.

Now, that’s precisely what I wanted. Why couldn’t there be some documentation to tell me this is how the program works? Someone should write it down in a blog!

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