Removing duplicate place names

One of the unforeseen consequences of using Precise Pangolin (Version 12.04 LTS), with gnome-session-fallback installed (Time for more long-term support?), was that when I opened the “Places” menu, I found multiple listings for some of my disk partitions.


Note, in the above screenshot of part of the Places menu, the duplicate listings for both Data_Disk (my data partition) and 8GBSDCARD (an SDcard being used with inosync to produce a real-time backup of Data_Disk).

Not only was this redundancy disconcerting, I also found that clicking on one of the listed items provided a disk directory as expected, while clicking on the second “place name” produced an error message to the effect that the partition couldn’t be mounted since it was already mounted or busy. Now, the real problem was that I couldn’t remember which place name was useful and which was not, so one of them had to go!

A bug report provided by Martin Lindhe on noted that the problem resulted from disks that are to be automatically mounted through listings in the file system table (/etc/fstab) being specified using Universally Unique IDentifiers (UUID). Furthermore, a possible solution noted was: “A workaround is to specify the partitions by /dev/sdXXX paths instead.

This advice proved to be stellar. My problem was solved by changing the fstab listings from:

UUID=ECE4BBC0E4BB8B7A /media/Data_Disk ntfs users,defaults 0 0
UUID=EE25-9C89 /media/8GBSDCARD vfat auto,users,uid=1000,gid=100,dmask=027,fmask=137,utf8 0 0


/dev/sda2 /media/Data_Disk ntfs users,defaults 0 0
/dev/mmcblk0p1 /media/8GBSDCARD vfat auto,users,uid=1000,gid=100,dmask=027,fmask=137,utf8 0 0

Note that the above-noted UUID’s and disk references pertain specifically to my system setup – your mileage in this regard may vary!


Custom fstab causes duplicate entries for partitions in Places

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