Locating inosync’s support files

One good thing about newer versions of Ubuntu is that the inosync “real-time” backup utility can be downloaded and installed directly from the Ubuntu Software Centre. One might guess that inosync itself, i.e. the main program file, will be placed in /usr/bin, but the question then becomes where are all the supporting files, not the least of which is the critical configuration template, sample_config.py.

This is a question with a non-intuitive answer. Fortunately, help is at hand on the Internet. A page on Linux Packages Search, provides the following list of all the files in the inosync package and their specific locations in the filesystem:


With the above information, and hence knowing that the configuration template can be found in /usr/share/doc/inosync/examples/, it’s now a simple matter to set up a configuration file tailored to the specific requirements for the file folder to be monitored and that to be used for backup storage.


inosync_0.2.1-1_all.deb Download

Real-time backup

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