Further customization of the panel

In the previous post we learnt that Alt-right-click allows us to add and remove program shortcuts to the panel and also to configure the panel. In order to make Ubuntu 12.04 (with the Gnome desktop) look more like Ubuntu 10.04, we need to apply this newly-found knowledge to the tasks of (a) adding a shut-down icon to the panel and (b) modifying the indicator applet to display the day and the date in addition to the time.

The first of these is straightforward. Alt-right-click – Add to Panel – Shut Down… The new icon looks like the original, and gives more-or-less the same options including, most importantly, “Shut Down” and “Restart”.

However, Alt-right-click on the Indicator Applet Complete session-indicator allows only the options to move the applet or to remove it from the panel. There is no path to modify the applet’s properties.

Once again, Google and the Internet comes to the rescue. A posting on the Ask Ubuntu forum answers the question: “How to make the date appear next to the time indicator in Gnome Classic? ” The answer is to install dconf-editor (available in the Ubuntu Software Centre as dconf Editor) and tweak the datetime settings after navigating to com – canonical – indicator – datetime. Check show-date and show-day and the “clock” display is back to normal!


How to make the date appear next to the time indicator in Gnome Classic?

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