Removing shortcuts from the panel

In the previous post we saw that adding program shortcuts to the panel in Precise Pangolin (Ubuntu 12.04) wasn’t exactly straightforward. It turns out that removing a program icon is even more bizarre.

In the good old days (Ubuntu 10.04), right-clicking on an icon in the panel at the top of the screen brought up a context menu that included “Remove From Panel”. No such simplicity in Precise Pangolin. The only options in the current release of Ubuntu are “Launch” and “Properties”, neither of which helps the cause.

A web posting comes to the rescue stating “Now you should use Alt + right-mouse-button sequence to add/remove applets and configure panel properties. Note: This sequence doesn’t work when Compiz is used (you need to use Super + Alt + right-mouse-button…)”

In my case, the Alt-right mouse button brings up the “Move” and “Remove From Panel” options – but – who knew? – who would have guessed?!


Guide for the classic Gnome session

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