Lucky or not-so Lucky Backup?

Many of the backup packages available for Linux are based on rsync which is essentially a file synchronization utility. Some time ago, I played around with this program, but found the use of the command line to be more trouble than it was worth. While one can use a bash script file to make the backup process more efficient, it’s even simpler to use a purpose-built backup program that essentially adds a graphical front end to the rsync package.

One such program is Lucky Backup. This program lets you create a backup profile by specifying both the source and the target locations of the files to be processed. The resulting backup is a file-by-file copy of the source to the target disk. This requires a bit more disk space, due to there being no file compression, but it does make file retrieval very simple.

Lucky Backup lets you run a simulation so that you can see what is going to happen without copying any files. Then, when you run the actual file transfer there shouldn’t be any surprises.

But – surprise! While, on my system, the simulation worked just fine, the actual file transfer generated dozens of error messages in very evident red text. Most of these were to the effect that rsync copy operations were not permitted due to file ownership (chown) issues. However, the confounding issue was that the files were actually transferred, and the backup process did appear to have been successful.

Nevertheless, the production of so many “errors” does not provide me with a great deal of confidence in Lucky Backup, and life is too short to see if the error messages can be eliminated. So, for me, it’s on to the next backup program…




Exploring Linux – Part 9

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