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Today, I struggled trying to “fix” the presenter console in LibreOffice Impress. No matter how I tried to set up a second monitor as my “projector”, and changed the settings for my slide show, I just couldn’t get Impress to show the presenter console on my computer’s main screen, and show the slide of interest on the second monitor.

Surfing the web provided suggestions to re-configure “ aticonfig” and to run “amdcccle” but nothing was producing any success until, finally, I found a very timely post on Ask Ubuntu. Apparently, the trick is to run Synaptic Package Manager, install libreoffice-presenter-console, and reboot.

For those of you who haven’t a clue what the presenter console is, or what it should look like, having invoked a slide show on a machine with multiple monitors, the main computer screen should appear more-or-less as follows:

The current slide (shown on the left) is also being displayed on the second monitor (or on an external projector in a real presentation scenario). Only the presenter gets to see this operational screen, with a preview of the next slide, controls to move forwards and backwards through the presentation, the ability to call up any speaker’s notes associated with the slide(s), thumbnails of all the slides, and a clock giving both the current time and lapsed time for the presentation. All very handy stuff for giving presentations.

So, thanks “Davide” for a very useful tip.

And, oh yes, you are all invited to tomorrow evening’s presentation!


How do I get LibreOffice with Presenter Console to display notes and next slide?

Linux 101 – An Introduction to the “Other” Operating System (updated to Linux 102)

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3 Responses to Presenter Console

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    I look forward to tomorrow night’s presentation!

  2. Troy Klein says:

    Thank You!!!!!!

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