Cataloguing installed software

A recent announcement from Canonical indicated that Java, notably the Sun Java Development Kit (JDK), is to be removed from Ubuntu. In particular, the news release stated: “Canonical encourages all Sun Java 6 users to migrate as soon as possible an alternative solution, such as OpenJDK or by downloading Oracle Java.”

Since this was to include Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the version that I use on my production machine and, as I believe that a runtime version of Java is used by at least one of the applications (LibreOffice) that I use regularly, I thought I should check which version of Java I had installed. But, how does one accomplish this task?

Well, I suppose I could have run Synaptic Package Manager and searched for Java, but such searches often return a whole host of software, very often with non-obvious links to the original search criteria. Then I thought of the Ubuntu Software Centre, and a link that I have never explored before – that to “Installed Software” – in the left side bar of the main program window.

Sure enough, clicking on this link produced a list of installed programs in the Ubuntu system and, close to the middle of the alphabetic list was “OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime” and “OpenJDK Java 6 Web Start”.

I don’t know exactly what these programs do, but it seems reasonable to infer that I do indeed have OpenJDK installed, and hence I’m ahead of the Canonical curve on this one.


Canonical Removes Java from Ubuntu on February 16

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