FreeFileSync idiosyncrasies

When using – and updating – FreeFileSync, I experienced a couple of odd (to me at any rate) behaviours.

The first was the following error message received when attempting to synchronize two directories:

Error moving to Recycle Bin:
“/media/Data_Disk/alan/djd/cmrsc_21/rollovers/FFS 2011-02-16 154829”

(Glib Error Code 15, g-io-error-quark: Unable to find or create trash directory)

The problem was that FreeFileSync was unable to delete one of the mis-matched files by sending it to the Trash Bin.

The solution was provided by ZenJu, the program’s developer, who suggested in response to another user’s query: Try another setting for “deletion handling” in synchronization options. Use “delete permanently” or “custom directory” Instead of “recycle bin”.

Permanent deletion of such files suited my purposes admirably and changing the relevant option under the synchronization settings instantly resolved the issue.

The second incident occurred when Ubuntu’s Update Manager attempted to install updates to the FreeFileSync package. In this case, the error message was:

“Requires installation of unstrusted packages.”

This turned out to be a result of my initially installing FreeFileSync from a Personal Package Archive (PPA) and having added this PPA (ppa:freefilesync/ffs) to System Settings – Software Sources. While this was fine for the installation, clearly Update Manager took exception to this “untrusted” source.

The fix for this problem was located in Liberian Geek, a blog from the Republic of Liberia in West Africa. The steps to solve the issue were as follows:

(1) Run sudo apt-get update to identify the number (GNU Privacy Guard Key) displayed after “NO_PUBKEY” in the output.

(2) Run sudo apt-key adv –recv-key –keyserver BA23BB04715BE097 (where, in my specific case, BA23BB04715BE097 was the key identified from the first command).

(3) Run sudo apt-get update again.

(4) Finally, run Update Manager once more to obtain the updated files.

This time, FreeFileSync was updated correctly.

Success – on all fronts!


GLIB error code 15 – ID: 3090973

How to Fix ‘Requires installation of untrusted packages’ error in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

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