In a side note on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux (Natty Narwhal – Version 11.04) and its Unity interface, I bemoaned the fact (amongst others) that the user interface maximized windows automatically on launch if they were set to display above a certain size (75%).

One of the major deficiencies in this “feature” for me was that this behaviour could not be configured. There has been a lot of chat about this issue on the web and one posting on Ubuntu Forums essentially confirms this to be the case, although the writer (mc4man) does suggest that the problem can be fixed by modifying the source code.

You can't without building from source, then it's easy though
I wouldn't disable, just up the threshold. Part of the reason
it was done was it fixed some bugs (4), whether that still 
applies not sure if anyone has looked at. I set it to 85% here 
on desktop, 87.5% on laptop (would not go too much further in 
case bugs are still valid, though you could try and see.


In a recent post (14-Jun-11), Jorge Castro reported that “”There’s been a lot happening in the Unity world as of late, with a tonne of new contributors fixing loads of bugs, and the list of major bugs and features is growing ever longer.” In particular, the list of fixes included: “Marco Biscaro’s added an option to adjust the auto-maximize value, Bug #754214”.

So, for the non-programmers out there, it looks like there may be a solution on the horizon. Presumably, if we can set the auto-maximize threshold to something like 99%, which is pretty well full-screen, we won’t care if the program is truly fully maximized at launch.

So, here’s looking forward to an update or a new version that includes this modification.


How to disable auto-maximize in 11.04

Bug #754214 – some applications always start with maximized windows

What’s up with Unity – contributor report for 14 June

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