Emptying Wine “bottles”

Well, we’re stretching the metaphor here. But, with HomeSite 4.0.1 installed, I no longer need the older HomeSite 3.0 application. How do I remove it from the system in order to keep things tidy?

I recall that there is an “Uninstall HomeSite 3.0” menu item available. So, I navigate to Applications – Wine – Programs – HomeSite 3.0 – Uninstall HomeSite 3.0. This launches a typical Windows uninstall routine, complete with an “Are you sure?” prompt, and a final (also quite typical!) “Some elements could not be removed”.

The details button shows that the uninstaller could not remove the file IsUninstall.Exe, which is in use, nor the C:\Program Files\Allaire\HomeSite (which is also in use, this being the location for the HomeSite4 directory).

Remembering that the C:\Program Files folder is the pseudo-drive used by Wine (as opposed to my real Windows’ Vista operating system partition), I can navigate to Applications – Wine – Browse C: Drive in order to clean up this folder.

Sure enough, the Allaire folder has a HomeSite sub-folder, that now just contains the file IsUninstall.EXE. I can delete these, leaving the HomeSite4 sub-folder with my current version of the HTML editing software installed.

However, when the smoke clears, and I go back to the Wine – Programs menu, I can still see the entry for HomeSite 3.0. But, if I try to activate the menu entry for older version of the program (or, similarly, the Uninstall HomeSite 3.0 item), the system responds with “Could not launch ‘HomeSite 3.0’… No such file or directory”.

Of course, the error message is perfectly accurate; after all, I just deleted the relevant folder. But, how can I now clean up the program menu?

The answer is to use Ubuntu’s built-in menu system. Navigate to System – Preferences – Main Menu – Wine – Programs. Left click on HomeSite 3.0 to highlight this menu entry, and press the Delete button.

Next time I run Wine – Programs, only the entry for HomeSite 4.0 is available to run an HTML editor.

Success! This deserves a toast. Now, where did I put that bottle of wine…?


Exploring Linux – Part 13

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