Stocking the Wine cellar

The Windows’ program that I want to install and run under Wine is HomeSite, an HTML editor, originally developed by Nick Bradbury, subsequently purchased by Allaire, then Macromedia and Adobe, and sadly discontinued in 2009.

I originally purchased HomeSite Version 3.0 and subsequently received upgrades to Version 4.0 and 4.0.1. I know the software is old, and I have tried a number of Linux-based HTML editors, but I have used HomeSite for more than ten years and – for me – it just works. Consequently, I would like to continue to use this Windows’ software, using Wine, on my Linux box. So, with CD-ROM in hand, it’s time to install the package.

The initial advice from web searches suggests that all I have to do is to double click on the executable of the installation program. However, if I navigate to the root directory of the CD, and double click on Setup.EXE, Ubuntu launches the Archive Manager, evidently believing that the file is some sort of self-extracting archive.

Time for Plan B. Secondary advice from the web suggests right-clicking on the installation file and selecting “Open with Wine Windows Program Loader”. But, if I try this approach, an error message pops up indicating: “Blocked: wine start /unix The file ‘media/HOMESITE301/Setup.EXE’ is not marked as executable…”

In essence the system is now telling me that the execute bit on the file is not set to allow the program to run. Now this is a problem. The file is on a CD-ROM, i.e. a read-only device. Consequently, it’s just not possible to set the execute bit on the file permissions, because we can’t write to the file. A little more research is necessary.

The actual solution is provided in WineHQ’s frequently asked questions as an “if all else fails” option! Consequently what I need to do is:

1. Open Terminal (Applications – Accessories – Terminal)

2. Run the command: cd /media/HOMESITE301/

3. Run the command: wine Setup.EXE

This has the desired effect and brings up the installation program. Now, it’s simply a question of following all the prompts, just as if I was in Windows. The result is a new menu item: Applications – Wine – Programs – HomeSite 3.0, with a further drop-down menu to either run the HomeSite 3.0 program or to Uninstall HomeSite 3.0.

Now I just need to follow a similar procedure to run the update packages to install HomeSite 4.0 and then HomeSite 4.0.1.

When running the program, the only real difference from the Windows’ version is that, by default, the program looks for files on “drive_c”. This is the pseudo drive created by Wine to hold Windows’ files. In my case, I need to navigate to /media/DataDisk which is the data partition where all of my HTML files are stored.

So, the net result of all of the above is a working version of HomeSite Version 4.0.1, and a now-redundant copy of HomeSite 3.0 also being available. But, do you remember that menu entry to “Uninstall HomeSite 3.0”? Perhaps we can use this to remove the old version of the software.


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