Evolving Evolution

Just as we copied the bookmarks from the version of Firefox used in Ubuntu 8.04 to that installed in Ubuntu 10.04, we can transfer the mail settings (messages, address book, etc.) used by the Evolution E-mail client.

Information on the web relating to moving Evolution’s mail folders is really a mixed bag. Some users suggest that simply copying the hidden folder – .evolution – from one system to the other is sufficient, while others provide a much more complex series of steps involving forcing Evolution to shut down and then either copying bunches of folders or rolling them up into a tarball (a ZIP-like archive file) for later extraction.

However, perhaps the simplest method is the best. The following advice provided on Ubuntu Forums by “texpat” certainly worked fine for me:

“In evolution, in the ‘file’ menu you have ‘backup settings’. This creates a tar.gz file with all the relevant information, including mail account settings, the actual emails and so on. You can then ‘restore settings’ from the menu, or while the new install of evolution sets itself up.”

The process is then much the same as we used to transfer Firefox’s bookmarks. While logged into Ubuntu 8.04, run Evolution and navigate to File – Backup Settings. Store the backup file (e.g. evolution-backup.tar.gz) in a temporary location. Boot into Ubuntu 10.04, run Evolution, navigate to File – Restore Settings, and select the backup file that was just created.

In this case, Evolution notes that the new version of the mail software requires the mail files to be migrated to a new database format (SQLite). Once the transfer had been completed, all of the mail folders and contacts were available for use in Evolution under Ubuntu 10.04


[SOLVED] Cannot import evolution data

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