Firing up Firefox

Now that we have Ubuntu 10.04 up and running, it’s time to move on to set up couple of needed applications – Firefox and Evolution – to work the way that they did previously. Both of these programs have been installed in the new version of Ubuntu by default. The browser works “out-of-the-box”, and it’s easy to set up Evolution to access the mail server in order to be able to send and receive future messages. What we are missing are the “custom” features that have been previously established for the two packages. These are the bookmarks that have been set in Firefox, the E-mail messages that have already been received by Evolution and, perhaps most importantly, the mailer’s address book.

Let’s make a start by re-loading the bookmarks that we used previously in Firefox under Ubuntu 8.04.  First, we need to capture the existing bookmarks, and to do this, we need to be logged into the “old” version of Ubuntu.

A Google search readily provides the means to transfer the bookmarks from Firefox in Ubuntu 8.04 to the new version of the browser. In fact, it turns out that Firefox automatically creates backups of the bookmarks (who knew?) and saves the last five backup sets. But, just to make sure that we transfer the current bookmarks, we will adopt the manual backup process.

Consequently, we navigate to Bookmarks – Organize Bookmarks – Import and Backup – Backup. Now, we select a location to store the resulting file (e.g. bookmarks-2011-01-09.json). In my case, I use a temporary directory on my data partition (/media/DataDisk/) since this will be available once I am logged back into Ubuntu 10.04 so that I can use the file to make the transfer.

Now, it’s simply a case of restarting the computer, selecting Ubuntu 10.04 from the boot menu, starting up Firefox, and essentially reversing the above process.

In the Import and Backup screen we navigate to Restore – Choose File – and specify the bookmark backup file that we just created. Bingo! All of our highly-prized bookmarks to web sites of interest have been restored to us.

Now, that was relatively painless.  Next, something similar for Evolution, the E-mail client that is our current favourite…


Backing up and restoring bookmarks up and restoring bookmarks

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